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ED Pubs "Order Free U.S. Department of Education Publications. The ED Pubs web site is intended to help you identify and order U.S. Department of Education products. All publications are provided at no cost to the general public by the U.S. Department of Education. ED Pubs offers more than 6,000 titles and facilitates ordering small quantities of free financial aid publications. "  Professional 
ExxonMobil It is ExxonMobil's longstanding belief that education is the key to progress, development and economic growth, and we are committed to being a responsible partner in the communities where we operate.  Academy Partner 
ExxonMobil Education One of our primary goals is to support basic education and literacy programs in the developing world, and in areas of the world where basic education levels have been met, we support education programs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  Academy Partner 
ExxonMobil: Mickelson Academy Today, in fields like medicine, computing and energy, our nation needs more brilliant young minds than ever before. Yet, as the need for brainpower grows, the number of our nation’s young people pursuing careers in these areas is decreasing. Fortunately, we believe this trend can be reversed, which is why we partnered with professional golfer Phil Mickelson and his wife Amy to launch the Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy in 2005. Academy Partner 
George Mason University Transcript Request "Grades for the National Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy will be posted in October. Ordering an Official George Mason University Transcript Students seeking one semester grade reports for reimbursement purposes should contact the Verifications section of the Registrar’s Office in Rm. 3, North Chesapeake Module. Incoming Requests Are accepted by mail, fax, or in-person (see exception 1 for ""privacy holds"" below). Outgoing Transcripts Are mailed within five to seven business days (see exceptions 1-3 below). Fee All transcripts are free of charge and are sent regular mail. Expedited mailing to third parties available for a substantial fee by Federal Express; payable by credit card only. "  Professional 
Liberty Science Center Dedicated to providing transformative experiences that connect schools and society with science and technology, Liberty Science Center is the New Jersey-New York City region's largest education resource. Motivated by an innovative philosophy and enabled by a $109 million expansion and renewal, Liberty Science Center is bringing the excitement of science to students, educators, families and adults in engaging new ways and establishing a progressive benchmark for the science center field. Visit to learn more about Liberty Science Center, located in Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ. Academy Partner 
Math Solutions "Founded by Marilyn Burns, Math Solutions is dedicated to improving and strengthening standards-based instruction through on-site courses and coaching, books, and videotapes. A combination of these services and products helps build stronger math programs and higher standards for instruction. Through a multi-step professional development plan, designed specifically to meet the needs of each school or district, Math Solutions helps teachers, principals, and district leaders to: • Deepen Content Knowledge • Strengthen Teaching Strategies • Increase Student Learning • Integrate Assessment into Instruction "  Professional 
Math Solutions Books and Resources Math Solutions authors, including Marilyn Burns and a team of highly qualified mathematics educators have written more than 60 publications and other teacher resources. Math Solutions authors are experienced classroom teachers who have been recognized for excellence in teaching. They understand, as only teachers can, the challenges and pressures of the classroom and how to provide the support that teachers need to deepen and broaden their approach to mathematics instruction. Math 
NASA for 5-8 Educators  Science 
NASA for K-4 Educators  Science 
National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA believes that by increasing the number of students involved in NASA-related activities at the elementary and secondary education levels more students will be inspired and motivated to pursue higher levels of study in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, courses.  Science 
National Council for Teachers of Mathematics The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a public voice of mathematics education, providing vision, leadership and professional development to support teachers in ensuring equitable mathematics learning of the highest quality for all students.  Professional 
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration NOAA is a federal agency focused on the condition of the oceans and the atmosphere. It plays several distinct roles within the Department of Commerce: A Supplier of Environmental Information Products. One of the most important resources in our society is information. NOAA supplies information to its customers that pertains to the state of the oceans and the atmosphere. This is clearly manifest in the production of weather warnings and forecasts through the National Weather Service, but NOAA’s information products extend to climate, ecosystems and commerce as well. A Provider of Environmental Stewardship Services. NOAA also is the steward of national coastal and marine environments. In coordination with federal, state, local, tribal and international authorities, NOAA manages the use of these environments, regulating fisheries and marine sanctuaries as well as protecting threatened and endangered marine species.  Science 
National Science Education Standards The National Science Education Standards present a vision of a scientifically literate populace. They outline what students need to know, understand, and be able to do to be scientifically literate at different grade levels. They describe an educational system in which all students demonstrate high levels of performance, in which teachers are empowered to make the decisions essential for effective learning, in which interlocking communities of teachers and students are focused on learning science, and in which supportive educational programs and systems nurture achievement. The Standards point toward a future that is challenging but attainable--which is why they are written in the present tense.  Science 
National Science Teachers Association Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, the National Science Teachers Association is a member-driven organization, 55,000-strong. We publish books and journals for science teachers from kindergarten through college. Each year we hold four conferences on science education: three regional events in the fall and a national gathering in the spring. We provide ways for science teachers to connect with one another. We inform Congress and the public on vital questions affecting science literacy and a well-educated workforce. And with your help, we can do even more.  Professional 
NCTM Journals and Books Information on journals and books published by NCTM. Math 
NSTA Learning Center NSTA developed the Learning Center as a professional development website to help address your classroom needs and busy schedule. Using this site, you can gain access to more than 1,200 different resources and opportunities. Science 
NSTA Recommends Welcome to NSTA Recommends, your best source for thoughtful, objective recommendations of science-teaching materials. Our panel of reviewers - top-flight teachers and other outstanding science educators - has determined that the products recommended here are among the best available supplements for science teaching. Science 
NSTA Science Matters Science Matters. At this website we invite you to: Read reports and policy statements from key stakeholders on why Science Matters Determine if your child is receiving a quality science education by using this easy-to-use Science Education Checklist Find practical ideas to help your child learn science at Tips for Busy Parents Learn how parents, teachers, informal science educators (museums, zoos, parks, and recreation centers), and community and business organizations can work together to foster better learning experiences in K–12 science at the Teacher and Counselor Corner Explore (and share) classroom and at-home hands-on science activities and experiments at the Awesome Websites and More section Learn more about quality elementary science education and the National Science Teachers Association Science 
NSTA Science Store From just-in-time activities to in-depth background to suggestions on integrating the Standards—not to mention the latest in scientific research—NSTA publishes the high-quality resources that science educators need. NSTA Press® develops and produces books, websites, and other products on astronomy, biology, chemistry, Earth science, environmental science, and physical science. Science 
Phil & Amy Mickelson Phil and his wife Amy teamed up with the ExxonMobil Foundation in 2005 to develop a new and innovative program to improve science and math education in elementary schools. The program offers advanced training in science and mathematics instruction for elementary school teachers chosen from the communities around the country, in which Phil will be playing tournaments. Academy Partner 
The Math Forum The Math Forum is a leading center for mathematics and mathematics education on the Internet. Operating under Drexel's School of Education, our mission is to provide resources, materials, activities, person-to-person interactions, and educational products and services that enrich and support teaching and learning in an increasingly technological world.  Math 
U.S. Department of Education The home page of the Department of Education. A visit to this site gives the national perspective and agenda for education in America.  Professional 
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